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  • Inconceivable color combinations among a variety of unrelated yet provocative shapes, lines, and movements. Together, these irregular shapes and color combinations are multi-interpretational, twisting your thoughts and feelings through time.
  • This painting started to be an underwater painting, but immediately after, I decided to let the paint dry on the canvas.  Then, I began to see a silhouette that reminded me of a Greek goddess rising out of the sea.
  • When the moon transforms to a female body….the sky bleeds.
  • Τhe long coast of California from South to North, is an inspiration for many artists, especially whiledriving Highway 1 were one can see for kilometers the sandy beaches meeting the ocean.
  • Triptych (3x 20x60x1cm) This tryptic came to life based on my fascination with Jackson Pollock’s pouring and dripping techniques.  At first glance, the colors appear to be chaotically thrown onto the canvases. However, upon closer examination, the harmonic combination of selected colours are seen and finally, the word LOVE is revealed.
  • A woman is God’s most beautiful creation. God has given her the power to bring life. When she loves, she does so completely with her heart and soul.  A woman has the natural capacity to bring beauty to her surroundings, just as beautiful flowers beautify a garden or any vase. Woman can transform a house into a “home” which one wishes always to return. In addition, she reflects colors from her surroundings, which vary widely. Musing over these thoughts, I began expressing my interpretations of woman in a range of paintings, with “Colorful Nude” as the first.
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    Another inspiration during the 2020 confinement was to paint over old, existing canvas from my previous house. The shape of the flowers on the old painting gave me a footprint to create geometrically, curved lines which produced slightly symmetrical shapes and sizes.  My consuming thoughts at the time were about choices and life paths, whether voluntary or not. I was thinking how valuable it is to seek and discover beauty, no matter the path we find ourselves on.  Even on the most difficult or disconcerting path, something beautiful is waiting to be seen. The chosen colors between the paths represent the distinct and exclusive variations of beauty which are discoverable on any life path.


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