Just Lines??? III

Dimensions 80 × 80 cm

It seems that time is accelerating. Unknowingly, our minds are influenced by the barrage and consumption of daily, digital media from devices no more than centimeters from our eyes and ears. It’s overwhelming. Take time to invite calm. Propagandists will attempt to convince us we are nothing more than a single line. Carefully, follow the lines on this canvas with your eyes, examine the dots which compose the lines. Vibrant colors and a diversity of smaller shapes compose each line. You clearly see the complexity and uniqueness of each line. This is you. You are not just a line. Tune out the devices, slow the time and the noise so you may be reminded that you are worthy and unique. Detached from defined forms, a dynamic result from the gradations of colors, free figures, surfaces and lines thatsend the viewer on his own journey and encourage him to find his own interpretation.

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