Ionian Sea

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Dimensions 150 × 100 × 1 cm
ID: 14

As I continued to paint during the early 2020 confinement, my original plan was to paint a second large canvas with a colorful scene of spring flowers.  However, my mind began drifting and traveling to the beautiful house we spend time at on Paxos island. I began imagining how Lakka Bay and the colors of the sea must have looked at that time of the year while I resorted to confinement in my city apartment. It was this imagery that inspired me to paint the sea, as often seen in Paxos. I applied bold brushstrokes using a kitchen tool, in lieu of a brush. The intensive base colors underneath peek through.  This painting, which has numerous variations of colors, as can be seen from our Paxos, has become a reminder of how much I love the Ionian Sea.

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