Cross the Bridge

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Dimensions 120 × 100 × 1 cm
ID: 20

Inspired by Monet’s “Japanese Bridge”.  Sometimes in life, we find ourselves standing at the foot of a bridge, yet we are afraid to walk across to the other side. We too easily become content only to watch or sense what lays on the other side of the bridge. We then limit ourselves and possibly forfeit the reward which has been reserved for us by simply finding the courage to cross.  Cross The Bridge is the result of pushing myself to explore my capabilities to paint impressionistically.  I was afraid of failure and intimidated.  However, once I forced the start, my fears began to subside. During the course of this painting, I developed my own, new techniques which I incorporated in several of my abstract flower paintings (e.g., Lilly’s).  Completing “Cross The Bridge” was a big challenge for me, but it demonstrably elevated my skills as an artist.

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